Courtney Wild, who ha爱YB亚博老虎机网页版she was sexually abus


Courtney Wild, who ha爱YB亚博老虎机网页版she was sexually abus

bused by Epstein in Florida at age 14, called him a “coward” who ha

d “robbed myself and all the other victims of our day in court to confront him.”爱YB亚博老虎机网页版女神会所

Araoz said she felt let down by Epstein’s jailers, too.

爱YB亚博老虎机网页版”They let this man kill himself and kill the chance for justice for so many others in the process,” she said.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has said she was a 15-year-old working at Pr

esident Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club when she was recruited to perform sex acts爱YB亚博老虎机网页版女神会所

on Epstein, told the court: “My hopes were quickly dashed, and my dreams were stolen.”

Sarah Ransome, who said Epstein pressured her into sex when she was in her early 20

爱YB亚博老虎机网页版s, pleaded with prosecutors to go after those who helped the financier in his pursuit of victims.

“Please, please finish what you started,” she said.

Among those under scrutiny: Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of re爱YB亚博老虎机网页版

cruiting young women for his sexual pleasure and taking part in the abuse. She has denied wrongdoing.

爱YB亚博老虎机网页版女神会所In opening the session, the judge called the 66-year-old Epstein’s suicide a “rather stunning turn of events.” He de

fended his decision to let the women speak, saying public hearings “promote transparency.”

During the 2?-hour proceeding, the women sometimes clutched one another to lend support. Most爱YB亚博老虎机网页版

remained composed, but several cried as they described falling into Epstein’s web. His suicide le

爱YB亚博老虎机网页版ft some of them angry, others sad. One said she was relieved that he was gone and could abuse no others.

Some women described their shame and embarrassment, saying Epstein manipulated them, dangling his wealth a

nd power and connection to celebrities and political figures, while seizing on their vulnerabilities.爱YB亚博老虎机网页版

Several of the women chose to testify anonymously, including one who said she was 15 when she爱YB亚博老虎机网页版女神会所

was flown to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch. While molesting her, he was also “explaining

to me how beneficial the experience was for me and how he was helping me grow,” she said.

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