Macron has threatened to block the new trade deal between the European Union and several

YB亚博老虎机网页版龙凤419女神会所South American countries reached in June unless Bolsonaro takes serious steps to protect the Amazon.

On Twitter, Bolsonaro described the G7 plan as an attack on his country’s sovereignty.YB亚博老虎机网页版龙凤419

On Monday morning, US President Donald Trump was the only G7 leader that did not show up at a G7 session on clim

YB亚博老虎机网页版龙凤419ate, oceans and biodiversity. At the afternoon news conference, Trump called himself an environmentalist. He said his ab

sence was due to his bilateral meetings with leaders from Germany and India. But both C

hancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the environment session.YB亚博老虎机网页版龙凤419女神会所

Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Par

is climate accord has been regarded as a major setback for the global cause.

Iran also became a major subject of the G7 summit. Iranian ForeiYB亚博老虎机网页版龙凤419

gn Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made a surprise visit to Biarritz to meet Mac

ron, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and British and German officials.

At the news conference on Monday, Macron said he had informed Trump of his plan to invite Zarif for the visit.

Trump said he is open to meeting Iranian President HassanYB亚博老虎机网页版龙凤419女神会所

Rouhani under the right circumstances. Tensions between the US and Iran

have escalated after Trump pulled the US out from the 2015 nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions on Iran.

YB亚博老虎机网页版龙凤419Rouhani said on Tuesday that a meeting with Trump would be just a photo op and “that is not

possible”, adding that the US president first must lift sanctions imposed on Teheran.

China, Russia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Iran have all hoped to salvage the deal.


participate in traditionalYB亚博老虎机网页版夜网e literature celebration

participate in traditionalYB亚博老虎机网页版夜网e literature celebration

The 2019 Chinese Classic Recitation Conference came to a close on Au

YB亚博老虎机网页版夜网g 23 in Jinan, Shandong province, after attracting more than 40 participating grou

ps staged yinsong performances, a traditional, melodic recitation of Chinese ancient literary works.YB亚博老虎机网页版夜网女神会所

This year, over 3,000 domestic applicants as well as foreigners from the Un

ited Arab Emirates and Bangladesh registered to take part in the preliminary selection

YB亚博老虎机网页版夜网of the event, uploading their yinsong videos to win an opportunity to perform at the two-day event.

These videos have since gained more than 50 million online views. Launched by th

e China Confucius Foundation in 2017, the annual event aims to pass down the time-honored cultural heritage, which hYB亚博老虎机网页版夜网女神会所

as survived for around 3,000 years, and promote the beauty of Chinese language and traditional Chinese culture.

The Foundation will also launch a charity project to bring Chinese classics to the libraries

of schools in remote areas, giving impoverished students closer access to cultural treasures.YB亚博老虎机网页版夜网

An exhibition titled “Leonardo da Vinci and His Circle” will open at the

Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts on Sept 12 as part of the global com

YB亚博老虎机网页版夜网女神会所memoration of the 500th anniversary of Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci’s death.

Da Vinci was a genius driven by insatiable curiosity that led him to explore ideas in science, math, arc

hitecture, design, engineering, geology, cartography, sculpting, drawing and, of course, painting.

His surviving bodyYB亚博老虎机网页版夜网 of work as a painter is remarkably slim. Fewer than 20 artworks can be comfortably attributed to him, alt

hough two of them — “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper” — are among the most famous in the world.

YB亚博老虎机网页版夜网The exhibition, which runs till Dec 8, will display not only valuable original artworks by Da

Vinci, but also the works by his students and followers. The show is expected to enable visitors to have a mYB亚博老虎机网页版夜网女神会所

ore thorough and deeper understanding of his art and influence on later generations.


New toys draw thousYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊ience the wonde

New toys draw thousYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊ience the wonde

Kan Hui was determined not to be late. So she turned up early at 5:30 am to be precise. “I am pr

epared. I stayed in a nearby hotel last night and brought food, water and a folding stool,” she said ouYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊女神会所

tside the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing’s Shunyi district.

YB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊It was not fun and games for Kan, 35. This was a serious matter even th

ough the object of her planning was to ensure attendance at the Beijing Toy Show, from Au

g 16 to 18.Kan was not alone. Hundreds of other well-prepared early birds foYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊女神会所

rmed a long line, snaking outside the exhibition hall-four hours before the show was due to commence.

When the hall’s door finally swung open at 8:40 am, Kan dashed with a speed normally asYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊

sociated with Olympic sprinters, with the rest of the crowd, to buy her favorite designer toys. The loud

speaker crackled with warnings about safety and the need to ensure an orderly entrance. All to no avail.

The crowd was bombarding the exhibits of more than 300 designers from China, Japan, SYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊女神会所

outh Korea, the United States and Europe who were releasing limited editions of new toys.

YB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊More than 30 specialist designers joined the show for the first time this year.

One of the most popular designers was Kasing Lung from Hong Kong, whose latest series

was on limited release. His cute and funny creation is named Labubu, who smiles and shows off his fangs.

Kan, a senior stage set designer based in Beijing, wanted to buy a LabuYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊女神会所

bu but was one of the many who failed in their endeavors. However, she was one of the 150 w

ho were lucky enough to get their hands on another limited edition doll-a sleeping boy in a pink hat decorated with wYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊

ings. The toy figure, named Dimoo, cost just a fraction of the more than 5,000 yuan ($699) Kan spent at the event.

“I did some ‘homework’ searching online before I came. There areYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊

so many people hoping to buy the toys. It depends on luck,” says Kan.

Kan came to the event along with four friends, who are all big fans of designer toys. One of themYB亚博老虎机网页版千花坊女神会所

is Wang Mei, who started collecting designer toys in 2017 and now boasts a collection of more than 1,000.

“It’s a great way to socialize with people,” says Wang, 36. “We share inf

ormation about designer toys and what we bought on social media.”


Under the new planYB亚博老虎机网页版419pected to be entitl

Under the new planYB亚博老虎机网页版419pected to be entitl

The announcement coincides with the 10th National Games for People with Disabil

YB亚博老虎机网页版419品茶微信ities and the seventh National Special Olympics Games held in the northern China coastal city.A researcher wor

ks at the innovation platform for Hutchison China Meditech Ltd in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang High-tech PaYB亚博老虎机网页版419

A domestic biopharmaceutical company has announced that it plans to submit an application to market probably the world’

YB亚博老虎机网页版419s first drug which can treat all types of neuroendocrine tumors, or NET, to China’s drug authority within this year.

Based in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Hutchison China Meditec

h Ltd said during a media briefing on Tuesday that the Phase III clinical trial of the oralYB亚博老虎机网页版419品茶微信

drugwas completed ahead of schedule in June, and that they expect patents to be obtained at the end of this year.

There are currently only two drugs available in the market that can treat tumors. Both can only be used to treat pancreatic NET.

YB亚博老虎机网页版419Non-pancreatic NET patients account for roughly 80 percent of NET patients in China, doc

tors said. There are an estimated 300,000 patients suffering from NET on the Chinese mainland.

Su Weiguo, executive director and chief scientific officer of the company, said that the company wYB亚博老虎机网页版419

ill look to make the drug more affordable by allowingpatients to claim part of the costs from medical insurance.

“We’re also preparing to launch clinical trials in Europe and the Unite

YB亚博老虎机网页版419品茶微信d States, and it may take place at the end of this year or early next year,” he said.

China will ease restrictions on car purchases to support auto sales

as part of its policy package announced Tuesday to boost the country’s consumption.

Regions with limits on vehicle purchases should roll out meaYB亚博老虎机网页版419

sures to relax or lift the restrictions after taking into account their respective condition and support the

purchase of new energy vehicles, according to a guideline issued by the State Council.

YB亚博老虎机网页版419品茶微信The guideline outlined 20 measures to support consumption, including a

pplying new technologies to promote the circulation of products, improving i

nfrastructure of commercial streets and accelerating the development of chain convenience stores.


Data from GuangdongYB亚博老虎机网页版会所cial Commerce Depart

Data from GuangdongYB亚博老虎机网页版会所cial Commerce Depart

partment show that the province alone saw a 61-percent grow

th in foreign investment to $11.08 billion in the first half of this year.YB亚博老虎机网页版会所

Foreign-invested projects entailing investment of $50 million or more each surpassed 40. Among the foreign inve

YB亚博老虎机网页版会所品茶微信1stors in Guangdong province are multinationals such as German chemical giant BASF SE, US-based oil and gas co

mpany Exxon-Mobil Corp and consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble Group.

From preparing for factory construction to intensifying activities in the field of research and development, global cYB亚博老虎机网页版会所

ompanies have been accelerating the expansion of their operations across China in

recent years, said Chu Shijia, director-general of the comprehensive department at the Ministry of Commerce.YB亚博老虎机网页版会所

He said many opportunities come from China’s move to encourage foreign companies t

o expand their market presence in areas such as advanced manufacturing, high-tech, modern agricuYB亚博老虎机网页版会所品茶微信

lture and services. China is also offering easier market access and creating

a more fair, transparent and predictable environment for foreign businesses.

YB亚博老虎机网页版会所The positive impact of these measures is felt not just in South China but

mainland-wide. For instance, in June, China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone, located in the co

YB亚博老虎机网页版会所untry’s central region, signed agreements with global companies to establish 2

4 big-ticket projects. The move attracted 30 billion yuan in investment in fields like industrial incubation, machine

ry maintenance, new materials, electronic information and medical equipment.YB亚博老虎机网页版会所品茶微信

As for the northeast region, Saudi Arabian Oil Co, or Aramco, the world’s largest oil p

YB亚博老虎机网页版会所roducer by revenue, announced in February that it would invest $10 billion to buil

d a fully integrated refining and petrochemical complex in Panjin, Liaoning province.

YB亚博老虎机网页版会所品茶微信Foreign companies’ optimism about future prospects in China is palpable acr

oss industries. Late last year, BMW Brilliance Automotive, the German automaker’s jo

int venture in China, opened its third plant in Shenyang, Liaoning’s capital.


As a child, Mo Yan thoYB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦 stream that ran

As a child, Mo Yan thoYB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦 stream that ran

behind his home in China was the biggest in the world, till he was older to realize it was actually a “minor” river even in China.

“When I did military service I saw many rivers and I realized that mineYB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦

was truly insignificant,” said the author, who became a Nobel laureate in 2012.

YB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦品茶微信The realization led him read about other rivers, like the Amazon, the world’s largest by volume.

Many years later, Mo Yan was invited to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final between G

ermany and Argentina. He said he accepted, though his ultimate goal was to see the Amazon, the river with the largYB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦

est drainage basin in the world, covering an area of more than 7 million square kilometers.

“The day after (the match) I traveled to Manaus and spent a week on a cruise alonYB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦

g the Amazon,” said the author of Red Sorghum and numerous other books.

“From the plane, I could see the panoramic view of the river. I had seen several large rive

YB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦品茶微信rs before, but none can compare with the Amazon in its greatness, beauty and vitality,” he recalled.

On the river cruise, he was fascinated by the way the river branched off, which looked li

ke the “blood vessels of the earth”, representing life and serving as a literary source, he said.YB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦

Mo Yan’s vast knowledge of and admiration for Latin American literature was spotlig

YB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦hted at the conference. Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and Col

ombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez all “influenced” his writing, Mo Yan said.

He confessed that he kept a story that was “very similar” to one by Garcia Marquez, whYB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦品茶微信

o won the Nobel Prize in 1982, because “we cannot” write better than the Colombia-born author.

Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, his most imp

ortant book and a Latin American classic, has served as a model, said Mo YanYB亚博老虎机网页版乌托邦.品茶微信

“A lot of stories take place on ships and are a source for literature,” he

said, citing Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera, a romance that develops on a river.


If they were going to YB亚博老虎机网页版会所en they needed to be

?to be completely bilingual. And so we’re working on that,” she said.

Berat has actually created a purely Mandarin speaking environYB亚博老虎机网页版会所

ment for her nine girls, now aged from 11-19, ever since they were born: a Mandarin-sp

eaking nanny, a Chinese/English bilingual kindergarten and primary school as well asYB亚博老虎机网页版会所品茶微信

various extracurricular courses including Chinese dances, musical instruments and chorus.

YB亚博老虎机网页版会所”So their life has really been sort of all Chinese all the time,” Berat said. “Living in New Y

ork, it’s been possible to immerse them deeply in Chinese language and culture.”

The New York metropolitan area is home to the largest Chinese populatYB亚博老虎机网页版会所品茶微信

ion outside Asia, with the number of Chinese Americans estimated at about 800,000.

Interestingly, when Berat’s youngest ones, twin sisters Logan and Lachlan attended the bilinguYB亚博老虎机网页版会所

al Pre-K at the age of 4, both of them easily passed the Chinese test but failed in the assessment of English.

YB亚博老虎机网页版会所It was such a “highly irregular thing” for children whose parent’s home language was En

glish. They would have been sent to a school for children with “severe learning dis

abilities” if the teacher and the principal had not known the stories of their older sisters.YB亚博老虎机网页版会所品茶微信

“I have to say you have no idea how proud I am of that because to me, it meant that they were really working hard wit

h their brains for Chinese. It kind of indicates the degree of our commitment to the Chinese.”YB亚博老虎机网页版会所

Apart from Chinese, all her girls have also learnt Spanish and French, and can speak Albanian, which is Berat’s mother tongue.

YB亚博老虎机网页版会所For the reason why she put on such a high priority for her childre

n to learn Mandarin, Berat sounded very forward looking and very deep in thought.

“I feel very strongly of technological change in invention that this century is the global ceYB亚博老虎机网页版会所品茶微信

ntury,” she said. “And to be a global citizen, you really have to know the world, and the more languages and cultu

res that you really know intimately, the better it is (for you),” she emphasized.

“My hope for them from the beginning has been that they willYB亚博老虎机网页版会所

be citizens of the world, we’re pushing them in that direction,” she said.

The emerging economies including China, India have been chanYB亚博老虎机网页版会所品茶微信

ging the political, economic and cultural landscapes of the world in th

e past decades, said Berat, who has been to more than 120 countries so far.


From the beginning ofYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛nancing channels fo

From the beginning ofYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛nancing channels fo

r developers have become limited, aiming to prevent too much capital flows into the property market.

Yan Yuejin, director of that Shanghai-based E-house China Research and DevYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛品茶微信

elopment Institution, added that property developer bellwethers are proactivel

YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛y paying off their debts and controlling risks, instead of pursuing aggressive expansion.

He regarded it as a positive sign that the market is on a track of more

steady development and predicted the trend will continue in the second half of this year.YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛品茶微信

Sunac China Holdings Ltd, one of China’s five major property developers, expected the tightening re

gulation to cause a gradual drop in land prices from the current relatively high level back to a reason

YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛able one. It will also further intensify the differentiation and the integration of the real estate industry.

“Sales and home prices will both be impacted, since people will not be hurried to buy a house,” Sunac Chairman Sun Ho

ngbin told the media when announcing the company’s interim results on Thursday in Hong Kong.YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛

Sunac reported net profit of 10.29 billion yuan for the first half of 2019, up 61.7 percent compared with the same period

YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛品茶微信one year earlier. Revenue increased 64.9 percent to 76.84 billion yuan year-on-year.

Sun said the company will continue to strictly control land investment in the second half so

as to decrease the gearing ratio at the end of 2019 and maintain its long-term downward trend.YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛

Sunac replenished its land bank from January to April when the land market was at a momentary low level. After land

prices rebounded in May, the company stopped acquiring land through land auctions.YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛品茶微信

The developer now owns a total of 213 million square meters, of wh

ich more than 83 percent were located in first-tier and second-tier cities.


As a nation with theYB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活astest aging society c

As a nation with theYB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活astest aging society c

y coupled with a low birthrate, Japan adopted new immigrat

ion laws to attract foreign workers in certain sectors starting from April.YB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活

However, with an increasing number of technical interns quitting jobs due to long-criticized “grim working conditions for for

eigners”, the government has also applied stricter standards for revoking visas since January 2017.YB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活女神会所

The Japanese Justice Ministry can cancel a visa for a wide

range of reasons, such as failure to report a change of address within 90 days of moving.

YB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活Kazuyuki Motohari, an official from the Immigration Services Age

ncy, said the Justice Ministry will further crack down on those who flout the law.

Danish political pundits fear serious repercussions for the Danish-US relationship in the future after US PresYB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活

ident Donald Trump announced postponing his visit to Denmark in a Tweet Tuesday night.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksens has

earlier clearly refused to discuss a possible sale of Greenland to the United States.YB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活女神会所

“Greenland is not for sale,” said the prime minister,” Greenland is not Danish. Gre

enland is Greenlandic. I persistently hope that it is not something that is seriously meant.”

YB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活In a follow-up post on the tweet, Trump acknowledged the Danish prime minister’s “direct” rejection of his offer.

“….The Prime Minister was able to save a great deal of expense and effort for both the United States and

for that and look forward to rescheduling sometime in the future!”YB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活女神会所

Trump’s cancellation comes as a surprise to Lene Balleby, head of communications at the Da

nish Royal House which had “no comment” to make about the postponement.YB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活

“The situation may seem unrealistic, but no matter how you turn and turn it, it is a problem

for any sitting Danish government to get so skewed in the relationship with the c

YB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活ountry’s most important allies,” said Mirco Reimer-Elster, Denmark’s TV 2 US analyst.

Danish political pundits also fear the refusal to discuss the sale of Greenland with Tru

mp might have serious repercussions for the Danish-US relationship in the future.YB亚博老虎机网页版夜生活女神会所

“It’s not just about money. It is also about honor. If Trump succeeded in buying Greenland, he will then be included in the his

tory books. So Greenland means something to him,” says Svenning Dalgaard speaking to TV2.


inning customers’ YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛 and mindsat a He

inning customers’ YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛 and mindsat a He

Brands are working to establish emotional connections with shoppers amid rise in experience-driven consumption

Nearly everything you encounter in life has a story to tell: be it aYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛品茶微信

flight ticket, a used wallet, or even the person sitting next to you in a theater.

YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛The same is true of the food and beverages that people consume.

Business owners in China are waking up to the fact that as disposable incomes rise, widely use

d terms such as “freshly made” or “locally sourced” are no longer enough to appeal to the palates of a yoYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛

unger generation of diners, who are increasingly drawn to personalized products.

It therefore comes as no surprise that brands are deciding to become storytellers-setting th

e scene and fleshing out a plot from product invention and storefront design to social marketing caYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛

mpaigns-all in a bid to trigger an emotional investment that resonates with customers.

So when Heytea, a milk tea brand known for its rich cheese-foam topping, introduced its fi

YB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛品茶微信rst Heytea Lab in Shanghai’s glitzy Grand Gateway 66 mall in June, the idea was to create a multisenso

ry drinking and culinary experience through a string of experimental installments.

Heytea has reinvented the retail concept by introducing novel menus that are updated on a weekly basis. Apart from tYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛

he regular portfolio, the newly opened Shanghai flagship store allows customers to mix cocktails with their tea drinks.

It has taken inspiration from the local culture, selling ice creaYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛品茶微信

ms featuring flavors like Shikumen Shanghai Rice Wine, a local liquor brand.

Neo Nie, founder and CEO of Heytea, said he sees Heytea notYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛

only as a cheese-topped tea store, but a cool brand that has multiple possibilities.

The seven-year-old brand, which originated in Guangdong province, now has mYB亚博老虎机网页版419论坛品茶微信

ore than 250 stores nationwide and Nie is looking to expand to 400 by the end of this year.