BA28 age will retire earlier because of  Dunk on cel

BA28 age will retire earlier because of Dunk on cel

  Tencent sports inquiry Beijing time on January 18, this season has not played

the jilin team player Cai Lilong suddenly update weibo w

rote: “goodbye basketball!Prepare for a new start!”Announced the end of basketball career.It is repo

rted, Cai Lilong because a heart problem is not suitable for high strength, had to make decisions about retirement.

  After Cai Lilong update weibo, CBA reporter Song Xiang revealed Cai Lilong

details: “previously in jilin, jiangsu, with the sunrise Cai

Lilong of team play, has decided to retire.Last August when suddenly he found a heart problems, not suitable for high

intensity training game, otherwise may have dangerous life, in this a few months after treatment with specialists in ma

ny ways, he had to make this decision.”After, Cai Lilong forwarding

this tweet, indirectly admitted that the reason of the retired.

  Cai Lilong was found to have heart problems

  Cai Lilong was born in 1991, height 2.01 meters, the position is a striker.From 2009-10 season into the CBA, career for

jiangsu suzhou candy and the team, with the sunrise and the jilin team

effectiveness.2015-16, Cai Lilong are candy and a permanent move to the jilin team.

  Career, Cai Lilong performance is one of the best season, 2014-15 season can get 10.1 PPG

.As a striker, helped Cai Lilong features a bounce in the well, good.- 15 season from

2014 to 2017-18, Cai Lilong three-point percentage is at least 36%,

averaging at least hit 1.5 3-pointers.Last season, Cai Lilong also had single-game hit eight 3-pointers.

  In addition, the bounce excellent Cai Lilong dunk in the game will be staged

from time to time or every clasp, in the past he has participated in the dunk contest.